Friday, July 23, 2010

Maggy London Dress

I recently went shopping at a local consignment boutique, Karen's Kloset West, and found this gem of a dress for a great price! I snatched it up because, miracle of miracles, it was my size and fit perfectly! Now, of course, I need the perfect accessories to go with it. I've been looking online at some different options and wanted the blogosphere's opinion!

The dress! The color is called "absynthe" which is so perfect. I can't wait to wear it! I've been thinking about silver shoes. Here are the ones I've found that I like the most:

These are cute and not too high. They almost look like ballroom dancing shoes (and they're cheap!)

These are gorgeous. Then again, when has Ralph Lauren ever made something that's not gorgeous?

These might be my favorites, partly because Nine West has always been a favorite brand of mine, and partly because they're a heel rather than a sandal and they're a bit darker. If I wanted to wear the dress into the fall, they might work better. Would they be too dark for summer, though?

And now for the jewelry! I'm thinking a big statement necklace would look good and help accentuate that great neckline!

Anthropologie never lets me down. This necklace would be a great piece!

This gorgeous piece is a bit more on the economical side, from Forever 21. I like the off-set style a lot!

So what do you guys think? I'm hoping to get the ensemble put together soon so Mike and I can go on a date! :)

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