Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dream Home Part 1

I thought I would share an "inspiration" post from my (quite large) folder of pictures that I have collected from the Internet. This is the first post to share what I imagine my dream home to be like! I apologize in advance for the lack of credit... Many of these were collected before I joined the rank of my fellow bloggers and I didn't make note of where I obtained most of these pictures :/

This is a gorgeous house, although I would probably like something more cottagey in feel in real life. More like this one, in fact:

Then there's this beauty! I adore the green door. It adds a very fun, modern touch to an otherwise stately and demure home. Despite the lack of porch (quite possibly a deal-breaker) I love the way this house looks!

I love an elegant door like this one!

A big porch with rocking chairs (preferably from Cracker Barrel) are a must! I want to be able to sit, rock and drink sweet tea to my heart's content.

A classy, sharp foyer like this one is so gorgeous! I love the equestrian boots.

Then, on the other side of things, I love a big, open, relaxed, casual kitchen. This is where I want everyone to gather, to be able to sit and have a cup of coffee, and listen to a bunch of kids and dogs and cats and who knows what else running around!

These colorful touches are wonderful. It's so bright and cheery!

The chalkboard-painted cabinetry is an interesting idea for the organizer in me! It would be a nice way to keep everything straight, and helpful when kids are helping in the kitchen.

You can't got wrong in a kitchen when you have a Kitchen-Aid mixer around!
On a side note, how adorable are these totes from Avril Loreti on Etsy?

Another requirement on my list is at least two stories to the house. Mainly so I can do awesome things like drawers under the stairs (above-Tumblr) and book-themed steps (below-Source Unknown)

So there's the start of my dream house! I'll be back later to finish, with way more amazing and inspiring photos.

What are some of the things on your dream house list?