Friday, July 30, 2010

Glee and Rocky Horror Collide!

As many in the blogosphere may have heard, one of my favorite shows, Glee, is planning to do a Rocky Horror episode in the upcoming season!
I am absolutely turned inside-out with... glee! Antici...pation! (And other puns, etc.) I simply cannot wait to see what such a creative show does with one of my favorite movies! My hope is that they cast Puck as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. As soon as I heard, the Kiss number and how much Puck seemed to enjoy being made up to the extreme popped into my head!
In regards to other casting choices, I would be fairly content with whomever they (i.e. Ryan Murphy) so chooses. I hope they don't take the obvious choice and cast Artie as Dr. Scott, though. There should be plenty of wheelchairs left from Proud Mary that would let someone else play the role!
And, above all, this had better be epic. Not that I'm really worried. It is Glee, after all!

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