Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Modcloth Dresstravaganza!

I've know about Modcloth for quite some time, but had not visited the site in a while. However, a slow night at work led me to the dress page. This, I can tell you now, will stress my budget like nothing else could, but I will look fabulous while I eat EasyMac for dinner every night!

This adorable doll is wonderful! I love the gray. It makes it so light for summer, and a bright spot in the winter with a cute baby pink cardigan. The little details, like the buttons and the belt, are to die for!

Temporary Secretary Dress in Summer

I love the rich aubergine of this dress. I have my eye on this beauty for the weddings I have a feeling I will be attending often in the coming year! This is such a flattering cut as well, with the empire waist and the flirty skirt. (Isn't that such a fun phrase? Flirty skirt!)

Unfortunately, this dress is sold out right now, but the wonderful thing about Modcloth is that you have the option to sign up to be notified if it comes back in! I'm crossing my fingers on this one! The yellow color and the cap sleeves are just too much!

This dress is amazing! The color is so vibrant, and the eyelet gives it a little cheeky sweetness that I love. This would be perfect for keeping cool at graduations, parties, weddings and who knows what else!

This dress is perfect in its simplicity, and begs to be dressed up and customized by each person's own accessories! With a solid canvas like this behind it, the accessories could create a true work of art! This is so fabulously retro. I can almost see some short little gloves with it!

And now, the best for last. This one is, alas, also sold out, but you best believe I will be whipping out my debit card when it comes back in stock! (Plug your ears, Mom!) The print is amazing and toile-like, the pink is not too girly, and best of all, it has pockets! Pockets are amazing creatures, and all the best dresses have them. I suspect that my wedding dress someday will have them. But back to this dress... It is fabulous, I love it, and I shall have it anon!

Now the only thing left to do is to find shoes and bags to go with each of these! ;)

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